John Wells


Wells studied medicine at the University College Hospital in London between 1925 and 1930. He was already taking an interest in art at the time and attended  evening classes at St Martin's School of Art from 1927-28. 


During the war he moved to the Scilly Isles working as a doctor at St Mary's and on his frequent trips to mainland Cornwall was able to visit Hepworth, Nicholson and Gabo.  At the end of the war Wells moved to Newlyn, giving up medicine and finally devoting himself fully to art.


Wells began to exhibit abroad in the 1950's. His first New York one-man show was held at the Durlacher Gallery with the help and encouragement of Ben Nicholson.  Other shows followed in the United States, Canada and Scandinavia.  In 1958 he was awarded the Art Critic's Prize for the British Section by the International Association of Art Critics.