Paul Feiler


Born in Frankfurt in 1918, Paul Feiler came to England in 1933 and studied from 1936 to 1939 at the Slade School. He was interned in Canada at the outbreak of the Second World War, returning  to Britain in 1941 to begin his career as an artist. From 1941- 1975 he taught art at the Combined Colleges of Eastbourne and Radley and West England College of Art.


Feiler had always been concerned with the architecture of space and the ambiguity of our visual experiences. From the early 1950s, when he became known for his gestural abstractions inspired by the structure of natural forms, his paintings were sensitive constructions using space, tone and light, leading to simplification.  By 1953 he had moved permanently to Cornwall. Inspired by the Cornish light and landscape, his painting during this and the following decade became influenced by Abstract Expressionism. However, his abstraction has consistently drawn on external sources to render an environment in pictorial terms.