Robert Fogell


Robert Fogell initially trained in sculpture conservation under the artist and conservator Paul Giudici. Fogell’s original focus was on classical and modern stone, and he carried out restoration work for private and public collections including the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, English Heritage and the National Trust.


Having trained at Warwick University, (Cert Ed) Fogell took up teaching posts at Northampton College, Leicester University and more recently with Burghley House Education. Combining art education and his own studio practice has formed a rewarding journey for Fogell, who acknowledges a reciprocal relationship between teaching and his own creativity.


The crux of Fogell’s work is its simplicity. He explores the interaction of sculptural geometry, symmetry, and proportion in experimentation with positive and negative space. In each sculpture, organic forms converge in an interplay of rhythmic harmony. Building up from small maquettes, Fogell’s works utilise a combination of bronze, stone, steel and mixed media.


Exhibiting with The Nine British Art since 2016, Fogell is now represented solely by the gallery.