Nine by Three - Summer Exhibition

28 July - 11 August 2016


For this summer's exhibition we are showcasing nine works by each of three contemporary artists closely involved with the gallery.

On view from Thursday 28 July - Thursday 11 August


Leigh Davis presents evocative landscapes inspired by the Isles of Scilly, the Gower Peninsula and rural Shropshire.  His progression through ceramics and silver and then painting show a full understanding of form and colour.


Tim Woolcock has already enjoyed a highly successful career exhibiting at the Russell Gallery, London and Jorgensen Fine Art in Dublin.  His painting pursues two distinct elements; the pure geometric compositions referencing Constructivism and the more gritty and weathered surfaces of his urban series. 


Richard Fox continues his tradition of exploring the interaction between structure and space, producing sculptures of elegance and poise.  The two mediums of wood and bronze each present a different perspective of density versus delicacy.


Installation Views