Wheal Coates, Summer, Cornwall

Jeremy Gardiner
Notes from the artist:
This work depicts Wheal Coates (Cornish for mine chimneys), the location of a ruin that once housed a powerful steam engine. The colour tones give a sense of the time of year, with the textures referring to the rocks that I have seen there.
I have been making intaglio monoprints for several years; in this painterly form of printmaking, each impression is unique: the etched plate is worked individually, with colour added and the ink wiped differently each time a print is pulled. To achieve the intaglio surface texture I make impressions using low relief elements, forged in tile cement exposed to a high-powered butane torch.
unique intaglio monoprint
40 x 40 cms (15¾ x 15¾ ins)
framed: 58 x 60 cms (23 x 23½ ins)
Jeremy Gardiner, Wheal Coates, Summer, Cornwall
£ 2,500.00