Would you like to capture how an artwork could look and feel at home? We can now bring selected works into your home, virtually.

Room View is an exciting, easy-to-use service. Just email us an image of a wall in your home or office and we’ll provide an accurate vision of a chosen painting hanging in that space. All we require are some approximate dimensions; the width of a sofa or space between two points on a wall. We hope you’ll enjoy this new way to experience the fine artworks we have to offer.  These are a few examples of available artworks in situ.


If you’d like to know more about Room View, please contact us.

  • Jonathan S Hooper - Room View

    Jonathan S Hooper - Autumn Daybreak,  East to Kellan Head

    oil on canvas, 2015

    150 x 120 cms


    Jonathan S Hooper - Room View

    Kellan Head is a windswept peninsular on the North Cornwall coast near Port Quin.  Hooper submerges the landscape of sea and sky beneath multiple layers of primary colour.


  • Trevor Bell - Room View

    Trevor Bell - Red, Black & Intensities

    oil on canvas - 1959

    91 x 122 cms

    Trevor Bell - Room View

     Although Trevor Bell was living and working in St Ives when he created this work, much of his inspiration was drawn from the colours and textures of the Italian landscape experienced during his Government Scholarship awarded in 1958. Bell plays with the immersive power of colour in Red, Black and Intensities with crimson pigment dominating the visual field. The work references his earlier experimentation with swathes of sombre colour and refines his use of black.


  • Tim Woolcock - Room View

    Tim Woolcock - Inclusive Spheres

    oil and pencil on panel, 2015

    87 x 118 cms

    Tim Woolcock - Room View

    Woolcock continues with the traditions of Constructivism explored in  Modern British Art during the 1950s.  Similarities can be drawn with Ben Nicholson and John Wells, both of whom were very much a part of his family’s Cornish roots.  His flair with geometric form and harmonious colour has secured his place in an international market with numerous works in private collections.

  • Adrian Heath - Room View

    Adrian Heath - Painting 1961

    oil on canvas, 1961

    122 x 91 cms

    Adrian Heath - Room View

    Painting 1961 is, in part, informed by Heath's experiences over the previous few years. Teaching at Corsham from 1956 introduced him to a different group of artists, including Peter Lanyon, and the need to lead students in life classes re-awakened his interest in human form.