Room View: Paintings in Situ

Would you like to capture how an artwork could look and feel at home? We can now bring selected works into your home, virtually.

Room View is an exciting, easy-to-use service. Just email us an image of a wall in your home or office and we’ll provide an accurate vision of a chosen painting hanging in that space. All we require are some approximate dimensions; the width of a sofa or space between two points on a wall. We hope you’ll enjoy this new way to experience the fine artworks we have to offer.  These are a few examples of available artworks in situ.


If you’d like to know more about Room View, please contact us.

  • Adrian Heath - Room View

    Adrian Heath - Painting 1961

    oil on canvas

    122 x 91.5 cms

    Adrian Heath - Room View

    Painting 1961 is partly informed by Heath's experiences over the previous few years. Teaching at Corsham from 1956 introduced him to a different group of artists, including Peter Lanyon, and the need to lead students in life classes re-awakened his interest in more gestural organic form.

  • Richard Fox - Room View

    Richard Fox - Bronze Ravel VIII

    bronze on sandstone base, 2018

    86.5 x 28 cms

    Richard Fox - Room View

    In his most recent and largest bronze, Fox has used an instinctive understanding of space and mass. Building on previous flowing forms, the artist has created a delicate and vertical composition of soaring beauty.

  • Peter Joyce - Room View

    Peter Joyce - Lacefringe of the Tide

    acrylic and collage on panel, 2021

    84 x 76 cms

    Peter Joyce - Room View

    Notes from the artist:
    My studio in France sits just 10 metres away from the high tide line where I walk and observe the coastline daily. 'Lacefringe of the Tide' is a snapshot of the shore, the movement, rhythms, crosscurrent, transparent veils and reflections.

  • Terry Frost - Room View

    Terry Frost - Red, Black, White Squeeze 

    acrylic on canvas collage, 1993

    51 x 113 cms

    Terry Frost - Room View

    The two principle elements of this work can be traced back to Frost's early career. Twin semi-circles hark back to the hulls of boats and the compressed verticals reference the Leeds period of abstract compositions with linear intersections. Whilst the Squeeze Series were also produced in paint and print form, they were at their most effective when Frost used corrugated canvas collage. 

  • Peter Haigh - Room View

    Peter Haigh - February '86

    oil on canvas, 1986

    101.5 x 81.5 cms

    Peter Haigh - Room View

    February '86 is an iconic example of Haigh's consistent exploration of shape and colour. These canvases from the last decade of the artist's career, when he was arguably at his most prolific and capable, exude pictorial presence and serenity. Haigh exhibited paintings to critical acclaim at a number of important London galleries including Redfern Gallery, Wildenstein, Leicester Galleries and Zwemmer Gallery.

  • John Plumb - Room View

    John Plumb - Blenheim

    PVA and vinyl tape on board, 1962

    183 x 122 cms


    John Plumb - Room View

    Blenheim is another example of Plumb's experimentation with tape as a medium, first explored by Mondrian in the 1940s. The hard-edged result was mirrored by his fellow artists Robyn Denny and John Hoyland who exhibited with him at  the Marlborough Gallery in London.

  • Gary Wragg - Room View

    Gary Wragg - Life Painting with Bathtub

    acrylic on cotton duck, 1967

    151 x 136 cms

    Gary Wragg - Room View

    Notes from the artist:
    I have always worked on paintings as part of a series, in order to dialogue with each other, while I keep my distance. After the still lifes of ’67 and ’68, other paintings emerged with figures, extending into life paintings, influenced also by the decorative flatness, borders and divisions of Persian and Indian miniatures.


  • Jack Smith - Room View

    Jack Smith - Still Life with Tap, 1953

    oil on board
    92 x 122 cms 

    Jack Smith - Room View

    With monochromatic tones, Still Life with Tap is typically drained of colour, emphasising the mundane and the ordinary. A prominent member of the Kitchen Sink group of painters,  Smith achieved recognition early in his career with solo exhibitions at London's Beaux Arts Gallery between 1952 and 1954 and a retrospective at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1959. By the early 1960s, he had abandoned realist painting in favour of pursuing the prevailing trends of abstraction.

  • Leigh Davis - Room View

    Arêtes, Snowdon, North Wales              Cornubian Forms, Isles of Scilly

    oil on panel, 2021                                     acrylic on linen laid on panel, 2021

    40 x 80 cms                                                40 x 80 cms

    Leigh Davis - Room View

    Davis has been exhibiting widely across Britain since 2012 with his first major solo exhibition held at The Nine British Art in 2018. He now exhibits and works exclusively with the Gallery and has numerous works in private collections both nationally and internationally.