Brian Willsher 1930-2010


Willsher lived and worked in London for much of his life.  Formally an engineering student studying at Woolwich Polytechnic in 1946, he first began creating forms in wood during the mid1950’s.  These geometric and organic abstract sculptures are both intricate and beautifully carved from a variety of woods, each one a unique piece.


His first one-man show was held at Dunns in Bromley in 1965 with another following this success at Heals in 1966.  He received acclaim from both Henry Moore and Herbert Read and for many years was popular and successful.   During his career he received three commissions from Darlington Hall, six for Devon Guild of Craftsmen, and exhibited work in Melbourne, Australia.  He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1968.


During the 1990’s Willsher had solo exhibitions at the Boundary Gallery and Belgrave  Gallery.